President’s Message

“Arise ! Awake ! Wait not till the goal is reached” “To succeed, we must have tremendous perseverance, Tremendous will, work hard and we will reach the goal” So said His Holiness Swami Vivekananda.

And Sir Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said “Awake ! Arise ! the hour is late ! Angels are knocking at thy door ! They are in haste and cannot wait, And once departed, come no more”

Let us rise to the occasion and be ready to meet new challenges, Let us march to reach our new goals with glory and gratitude.

We are proud to be ‘50’ today !

We are proud that so many illustrious dignitaries are in our midst today !

The presence of His Excellency Dr. Sankaranarayanan and other important personalities on this auspicious occasion encourages us to move on to scale greater heights, in social and educational fields.

50 years young, we are bubbling with exhilarating enthusiasm and electrifying energetic enterprise coming from the team of Bharat Education Society, Kurla, the vibrant colleagues in the Managing Council, Principals and teaching faculties who are ever-ready for any challenges in academics and extracurricular or social activities. All of them are making our journey from 1960 to the future, a tumultuous, eventful and excitingly fruitful one.

Looking back, we humbly pay our respects and bow our heads in reverence to the founding fathers of our brilliant educational institutions.

Looking around us, we put on record with pride that we are firm on succeeding to be “catalysts of progress and positive change” to the communities around us, our social fabric and cultural milue.

Looking forward, we feel proud that we have provided our future generations a strong foundation to build magnificently and to enrich the Nation with total literacy, empowerment with higher education leading to high quality of life with prosperity, health and happiness.

I take this opportunity to thank all our founding fathers, all our well-wishers and benefactors enroute our journey, our Managing Council and General Body members, Principals, teachers and non-teaching staff of all our educational institutions, all the senior and junior officers from various government departments, who have always come forward to support us in our laudable efforts to deliver the BESt of education and community service.